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Experiences of Conflict Through Lens

The APSS  will be hosting an academic panel on the experiences of conflict, specifically through art forms, by which people may express their experiences. Art shapes who we are as human beings and how we view the world that we live in; by discussing the experiences of those persecuted by confrontation via photography, literature, and documentary we may gain insights into the human dimension of conflict and foster compassion for those affected by it. 

The name's Bond. James Bond.

007: License to Thrill

All are invited to partake in this years Arts & Science Joint Social, 007: Licence to Thrill. Break your school stress with a night of intrigue, dancing, and fun as you celebrate your admittance into MI6, Britain’s most elite spy agency. This event is brought to you by the: APSS, ESSA, ES&L, HSA, HSSU, PCU, IRS, CRIMSA & CASSU.

Get ready to meet other students and party the night away to all your favourite songs mixed and played by our favourite DJ!


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